My research focuses on the migration and localization of writing and rhetorical practices informed by the theories and methods in Hip Hop and Chicanx studies. In order to understand how practices are remixed and globalized, I argue, we must examine and value the histories and contexts in which these practices were initially developed and then localized. Through community engaged research I hope to create scholarship that helps build, sustain, and connect communities of practice. 

Specifically I am interested in the ways that migration can be understood as a purposeful movement that can influence our understandings of how we move as scholars and teachers in various spaces. Conscious migration means that we pay attention to the spaces and places that we encounter so that we may create respectful and meaningful relationships to people and land. I believe that Hip Hop offers many models and examples of the way that practices have been able to successfully travel globally while reflecting localized needs and aesthetics.

Currently I am working on a series of articles drawing from my dissertation work on Houston Hip Hop, Migration, Localization, and Borderlands. In addition, I am developing a new book project on Hip Hop, Identity, and the Juarez-El Paso Borderlands. 

Along with William Medina-Jerez, Lucia Dura, and Laura Gonzales, we are collectively leading La Escuelita, an after school family literacy program. In partnership with the El Paso Housing Authority and the Salazar community, our Escuelita meets weekly to talk about culture, identity, and literacy.

As a scholar, I hope to do work that highlights the communities within and around the university, that will inform our understanding of writing across contexts, modalities, and practices.



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