I am an Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Writing at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). I study and teach Technical Writing, Digital Writing and Cultural Rhetorics. In my teaching and research, I use Hip Hop and Borderlands theories to build spaces that emphasize our engagement with multiple modalities, local communities, and rhetorical practices. 

As a Chicano scholar from the Juarez-El Paso Borderland, I understand migration as a theory for engagement through physical and theoretical spaces. Therefore my professional trajectory is informed by the constant purposeful migration of texts and practices across communities and cultures to build meaningful, responsible, and respectful scholarship. This orientation positions me to demonstrates my commitment to community building and sustainability as a teacher, researcher, and community member.

For more information about research and teaching please click on the buttons below or feel free to contact me at vjdel@utep.edu or victorjdelhierro@gmail.com.